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Science only progresses as quickly and efficiently as it is shared. But even with all of the technological capabilities available today, the process of publishing scientific work is taking longer than ever. ASAPbio (Accelerating Science and Publication in biology) is a scientist-driven nonprofit working to address this problem by promoting innovation and transparency in life sciences communication. In 2015, ASAPbio founder Ron Vale published an analysis of the increasing time to first-author publication among graduate students at UCSF, and proposed a more widespread use of preprints in the life sciences as a potential solution.



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  • Vale RD (2015) Accelerating scientific publication in biology. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 112:13439-46. - Β»Bioblast linkΒ«
Quotes: .. the major factor for ensuring quality is that the reputation of the investigator is at stake, and achieving a good reputation within the community is a primary motivating factor for scientists. Indeed, a preprint submission is immediately visible to the entire community whereas a journal submission is seen confidentially by only a couple of referees. .. Scientists take pride in their work and will be guided by their own internal standards in deciding when their work is ready to be released to the community. .. the paper can receive input (as this article has) from more than two or three referees, which could help authors correct flawed experiments/statements and help produce a better final product published in the journal. .. Journals then may be incentivized to look more toward quality than speed and seek to publish the definitive work that will stand the test of time ..
Quote: Ginsparg was emphatic that a preprint, because it has a time stamp and is publicly available, plays a key role in establishing priority of discovery.

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