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ATPases are enzymes that hydrolyse ATP, releasing ADP and inorganic phosphate. The contamination of isolated mitochondria with ATPases from other organelles and endogenous adenylates can lead to the production of ADP, which can stimulate respiration. This situation would lead to an overestimation of LEAK respiration measured in the absence of ADP, L(n) and subsequent inhibition of respiration by oligomycin, L(Omy).

Reference: LEAK respiration

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SUITbrowser question: Unspecific ATPase activity

SUIT protocols can be used to analyze the presence of contaminating ATPases in the sample. The SUIT-024 is focused on answering this question.
The SUITbrowser was developed for searching for the best SUIT protocols to answer this and other research questions.

List of publications: ATPase

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