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Acclimatization is an immediate time scale adaption expressing phenotypic plasticity in response to changes of habitat conditions and life style where several variables may change simultaneously.

Reference: Hochachka, Somero 2002

Compare: Adaption


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Adaption (verb: adapt) includes:
  • Adaptation {quote} "In biology, the process by which an animal or plant becomes fitted to its environment. It is the result of natural selection acting on inherited variation. Even simple organisms must be adapted in many ways, including structure, physiology, and genetics; movement or dispersal; means of defense and attack; and reproduction and development. To be useful, adaptations must often occur simultaneously in different parts of the body" {end of quote:}.
  • Acclimatization - an immediate time scale adaption to changes of habitat and life style.
  • Acclimation - an immediate time scale adaption to a single variable under controlled laboratory conditions (verb: acclimate).

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