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Wessels 2015 Am J PhysiolPMID: 26286868Wessels B, van den Broek NM, Ciapaite J, Houten SM, Wanders RJA, Nicolay K, Prompers JJ (2015) Carnitine supplementation in high-fat diet-fed rats does not ameliorate lipid-induced skeletal muscle mitochondrial dysfunction in vivo. Am J Physiol 309(7):E670-8.2015
Porter 2014 Am J PhysiolPMID: 25074988Porter C, Herndon DN, Børsheim E, Chao T, Reidy P, Borack M, Rasmussen BB, Chondronikola M, Saraf M, Sidossis LS (2014) Uncoupled skeletal muscle mitochondria contribute to hypermetabolism in severely burned adults. Am J Physiol 307:E462-7.2014
Pham 2014 Am J PhysiolPMID: 24920675 Open AccessPham T, Loiselle D, Power A, Hickey AJ (2014) Mitochondrial inefficiencies and anoxic ATP hydrolysis capacities in diabetic rat heart. Am J Physiol 307:C499–507.2014
Mootha 1997 Am J PhysiolPMID: 9124437 Open AccessMootha VK, Arai AE, Balaban RS (1997) Maximum oxidative phosphorylation capacity of the mammalian heart. Am J Physiol 272:H769-775.1997
Krumschnabel 1997 Am J PhysiolPMID:9249565Krumschnabel G, Schwarzbaum PJ, Biasi C, Dorigatti M, Wieser W (1997) Effects of energy limitation on Ca2+ and K+ homeostasis in anoxia-tolerant and anoxia-intolerant hepatocytes. Am J Physiol 273:R307-316.1997
Krumschnabel 1996 Am J PhysiolPMID: 8780228Krumschnabel G, Biasi C, Schwarzbaum PJ, Wieser W (1996) Membrane-metabolic coupling and ion homeostasis in anoxia-tolerant and anoxia-intolerant hepatocytes. Am J Physiol 270:R614-620.1996
Moyes 1992 Am J PhysiolPMID: 1539738Moyes CD, Schulte PM, Hochachka PW (1992) Recovery metabolism of trout white muscle: role of mitochondria. Am J Physiol 262:R295-304.1992
Russell 1991 Am J PhysiolPMID: 1750532Russell RR, Taegtmeyer H (1991) Pyruvate carboxylation prevents the decline in contractile function of rat hearts oxidizing acetoacetate. Am J Physiol 261:H1756-62.1991
Moyes 1990 Am J PhysiolPMID: 2316720 Open AccessMoyes CD, Buck LT, Hochachka PW (1990) Mitochondrial and peroxisomal fatty acid oxidation in elasmobranchs. Am J Physiol 258:R756-62.1990
Moyes 1988 Am J PhysiolPMID: 3354709 Open AccessMoyes CD, Buck LT, Hochachka PW (1988) Temperature effects on pH of mitochondria isolated from carp red muscle. Am J Physiol 254:R611-5.1988
Dobson 1988 Am J PhysiolPMID: 3414847 Open AccessDobson GP, Parkhouse WS, Weber JM, Stuttard E, Harman J, Snow DH, Hochachka PW (1988) Metabolic changes in skeletal muscle and blood of greyhounds during 800-m track sprint. Am J Physiol 255:R513-19.1988
Weber 1987 Am J PhysiolPMID: 3425768 Open AccessWeber JM, Parkhouse WS, Dobson GP, Harman JC, Snow DH, Hochachka PW (1987) Lactate kinetics in exercising Thoroughbred horses: regulation of turnover rate in plasma. Am J Physiol 253: R896-R903.1987
Weber 1987b Am J PhysiolPMID: 3425767 Open AccessWeber JM, Dobson GP, Parkhouse WS, Wheeldon D, Harman JC, Snow DH, Hochachka PW (1987) Cardiac output and oxygen consumption in exercising Thoroughbred horses. Am J Physiol 253:R890-5.1987
Kauppinen 1984 Am J PhysiolPMID: 6496697Kauppinen RA, Hassinen IE (1984) Monitoring of mitochondrial membrane potential in isolated perfused rat heart. Am J Physiol 247:H508-16.1984
Bers 1982 Am J PhysiolPMID: 6805332Bers DM (1982) A simple method for the accurate determination of free [Ca] in Ca-EGTA solutions. Am J Physiol 242(5):C404‐8.1982
Lee 1981 Am J PhysiolPMID: 7032323Lee CO (1981) Ionic activities in cardiac muscle cells and application of ion-selective microelectrodes. Am J Physiol 241(4):H459-78.1981
Schmidt-Nielsen 1958 Am J PhysiolPMID: 13583188Schmidt-Nielsen K, Larimer JL (1958) Oxygen dissociation curves of mammalian blood in relation to body size. Am J Physiol 195:424-8.1958