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Amp calibration - DatLab

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Amp calibration indicates the calibration of the amperometric O2k-channel.

Abbreviation: F5

Reference: MiPNet19.18D_O2k-Series_G_and_DatLab_6:_Calibration, MiPNet20.14_AmplexRed_H2O2-production


O2k-MultiSensor calibration - general

Amp calibration 1.PNG
MultiSensor calibration.PNG

Select a MultiSensor plot and press F5 to open the calibration window, or select the channel from the Calibration menu, or press the Amp (or pX) buttons in the O2k-status line (e.g. left double click on Amp calib.).

Amp calibration

Select a channel and edit Channel label and Unit. In the Amp calibration window a drop-down menu allows to select mM, Β΅M or nM as Unit, in the pX calibration window 1, 10-3, 10-6 or 10-9 can be selected.

Calibrate: Apply changes (recalculates Signal and Slope).

Cancel: Press cancel to exit the calibration window without saving any changes.

Amp channel: multiple point calibration - DatLab

In the left panel the current calibration is shown. The right panel is used for a new calibration. Select the marks to use for the calibration (1). The column "Conc." will be filled automatically with the "values" associated with each mark, see MiPNet19.19. Alternatively, enter the known concentrations manually (2a) or read concentrations from a previous calibration (same mark names) using Copy from file (2b). The values associated with the mark will be updated if the concentration was changed in the calibration window.

More details: MiPNet20.14_AmplexRed_H2O2-production

DatLab performs a new linear regression after any field has been edited and displays the sensitivity and intercept (3a). Calibration parameters may be entered manually (3a), or be read from a previous calibration with Copy from file (3b), or be Reset to system default (3c). Show graph Check the linearity of the calibration. The graph can be copied to clipboard.

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