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Tributes to pioneers in bioenergetics
Gnaiger 2020 BEC MitoPathways
Gnaiger Erich et al ― MitoEAGLE Task Group (2020) Mitochondrial physiology. Bioenerg Commun 2020.1.
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Azzi A, Gnaiger E (2024) Tributes to pioneers in bioenergetics - wandering in the garden of memories. Bioenerg Commun 2024.3.v1.

» Bioenerg Commun 2024.3.v1. Open Access pdf

Azzi Angelo, Gnaiger Erich (2024) BEC


Tributes to pioneers

Renowned scientists are invited to contribute to the BEC Series on Tributes to pioneers in bioenergetics. Scientists and students should be alert to the intellectual and experimental legacies that shape our contemporary ways of thinking. Tributes to pioneers in bioenergetics offer a fresh perspective on concepts in a state of flux, contrasting with fixed paradigms that often distort when ignored. Unlike traditional Special Issues with finite closure dates, the BEC Series extends a perpetual invitation for authors to contribute their manuscripts to the 'garden of memories' – Living Communications. This unique series serves as an enduring educational resource, offering profound insights into the minds and lives of bioenergetics pioneers. Thus, wandering in the garden of memories becomes an essential journey for all who seek to navigate the ever-changing landscape of scientific discovery.

Bioblast editor: Gnaiger E


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Tributes to pioneers in bioenergetics

Tributes to pioneers in bioenergetics

- wandering in the garden of memories
BEC Series Editors: Angelo Azzi, Erich Gnaiger

Meandering down diverse paths by different persons has the potential to weave together an unparalleled tapestry of memories, forming a mosaic of anecdotes, narratives, and phrases that enrich the overarching story and infuse it with a deeply human essence.
Azzi Angelo
Angelo Azzi, MD, PhD
Editor-in-Chief: Molecular Aspects of Medicine
Faculty Member: School of Graduate Biomedical Pharmacology and Drug Development Program, Tufts Univ School of Medicine, USA
Voluntary Professor: The University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, USA
Professor Emeritus: Universität Bern, Switzerland

Who qualifies as 'pioneer'? The current list reflects bias in scientific history: lack of compensation for unequal gender opportunities, science networks centered on Europe and North America. How do we define the field of bioenergetics? Bacteria, mitochondria, and chloroplasts - energy transformation by bioblasts is the core of bioenergetics. Support us by paying a tribute to your pioneers in bioenergetics, to properly expand the recognition of pioneers and their vital contributions to science and humanity.
Erich Gnaiger
Erich Gnaiger, PhD
Editor-in-Chief: Bioenergetics Communications
Chair: Mitochondrial Physiology Society
CEO: Oroboros Instruments, Innsbruck, Austria

Mitochondria and bioblasts: Made history

» Mitochondria and bioblasts: Made history

Pioneers in bioenergetics

Last update: 2024-06-07
Tributes to pioneers in bioenergetics

The community of bioenergetics regrets the loss of pioneers in bioenergetics. Most recently Marten Wickström, Sergio Papa, Stuart Ferguson.

Anderson Joan (Jan) Mary

A tribute to Jan M Anderson (1932-2015)

» Chow, Osmond (2015) Trends Plant Sci
» Chow et al (2016) Photosynth Res
» Barber J, Ruban AV (eds) Photosynthesis and bioenergetics (2018)

A tribute to Giuseppe Attardi (1923-2008)

» Wallace (2008) Nature Genetics

A tribute to Andrew A Benson (1917-2015)

» Benson AA (2002) Paving the path. Annu Rev Plant Biol 53:1–25

A tribute to Paul D Boyer (1918-2018)

» The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1997

A tribute to Melvin Calvin (1911-1997)

» The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1961

Britton Chance

A tribute to Britton Chance (1913-2010)

» Azzi, Kresge (2011) Free Radic Biol Med; Brit
Communicated by Angelo Azzi

J Brian Chappell

A tribute to J Brian Chappell (1930-2013)

» by McGivan JD and Jones OTG (2013)
Communicated by Charles L Hoppel

Cohn Mildred

A tribute to Mildred Cohn (1913-2009)

» JBC Classics
» Wikipedia

A tribute to Lars Ernster (1920-1998)

» Stockholm University

A tribute to Stuart J Ferguson (-2024)

» St. Edmund Hall, Oxford

A tribute to David Ezra Green (1910-1983)

» National Academies Press, Washington

Bernhard Kadenbach

A tribute to Bernhard Kadenbach (1933-2021)

Communicated by Sebastian Vogt

A tribute to David Keilin (1887-1963)

» Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society

A tribute to Martin J Kushmerick (1937-2019)

» Publications

A tribute to Albert Lester Lehninger (1917-1986)

» Slater (1986) Nature

Lynn Margulis

A tribute to Lynn Margulis (1938-2011)

» Nature
» Sagan D (2012) Lynn Margulis: the life and legacy of a scientific rebel. Chelsea Green Publishing:205 pp.

Peter D Mitchell

A tribute to Peter Dennis Mitchell (1920-1992)

» The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1978
» Prebble J, Weber B (2003) Wandering in the gardens of the mind. Peter Mitchell and the making of Glynn. Oxford Univ Press.

A tribute to Sergio Papa (-2024)

» CV
Communicated by Nazzarreno Capitanio

Tullio Pozzan

A tribute to Tullio Pozzan (1949-2022)

» Academia Europaea
Communicated by Ole H Petersen

A tribute to Efraim Racker (1913-1991)

» Cornell

Bengt Saltin

A tribute to Bengt Saltin (1935-2014)

» Bangsbo, Kjær, Hellsten (2014) J Physiol

Gottfried Schatz and Erich Gnaiger

A tribute to Gottfried Schatz (1936-2015)

» Biozentrum Basel

Vladimir Skulachev

A tribute to Vladimir P Skulachev (1935-2023)

» Academia Europaea

A tribute to Edward Charles Slater (1917-2016)


A tribute to Albert Szent-Györgyi (1893-1986)

» The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1937

Andrei Vinogradov

A tribute to Andrei D Vinogradov (1942-2021)

Communicated by Alexander Galkin

Mårten KF Wikström

A tribute to Mårten KF Wikström (1945-2024)

» Helsinki Institute of Life Science
Communicated by Erich Gnaiger, CS Raman, Alexei Stuchebrukhov

Lech Wojtczak

A tribute to Lech Wojtczak (1926-2019)

» Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology

Tributes to pioneers in bioenergetics

Dear authors

  • See BEC author guidelines
  • Please submit a short summary on pioneers in bioenergetics (max. 250 words), which may be different from the summary of your manuscript.
  • Manuscripts will be processed, peer reviewed, and published on a rolling basis.
  • Multiple manuscripts are welcome paying a tribute to a particular pioneer.
  • Please suggest authors who should be contacted for additional contributions to the BEC Series.
With many thanks for your interest and contributions,
Angelo Azzi, Erich Gnaiger
Bioenergetics Communications

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