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Journal title and website Biochemical Society Transactions


Wang 2017 Biochem Soc TransPMID: 29054925Wang L, Wu Q, Fan Z, Xie R, Wang Z, Lu Y (2017) Platelet mitochondrial dysfunction and the correlation with human diseases. Biochem Soc Trans 45:1213-23.2017
Walker 2013 Biochem Soc TransPMID: 23356252; Biochemical Society Transactions Open AccessWalker JE (2013) The ATP synthase: the understood, the uncertain and the unknown. Biochem Soc Trans 41:1-16.2013
Young 2013 Biochem Soc TransPMID: 24059524Young L, Shiba T, Harada S, Kita K, Albury MS, Moore AL (2013) The alternative oxidases: simple oxidoreductase proteins with complex functions. Biochem Soc Trans 41:1305-11.2013
Gnaiger 2002 Biochem Soc TransPMID: 12023860 Open AccessGnaiger E, Kuznetsov AV (2002) Mitochondrial respiration at low levels of oxygen and cytochrome c. Biochem Soc Trans 30:242-8.2002
Vielhaber 2000 Biochem Soc TransPMID: 10816119Vielhaber S, Kudin A, Schroder R, Elger CE, Kunz WS (2000) Muscle fibres: applications for the study of the metabolic consequences of enzyme deficiencies in skeletal muscle. Biochem Soc Trans 28:159-64.2000
* Acronym = BST