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Salazar-Petres 2022 Biol ReprodSalazar-Petres E, Pereira-Carvalho D, Lopez-Tello J, Sferruzzi-Perri AN (2022) Placental structure, function, and mitochondrial phenotype relate to fetal size in each fetal sex in miceโ€ . Reprod 106:1292-311. PMID: 35293971 Open Access
Hirschi 2019 Biol ReprodHirschi KM, Tsai KYF, Davis T, Clark JC, Knowlton MN, Bikman BT, Reynolds PR, Arroyo JA (2019) Growth arrest specific protein (Gas)-6/AXL signaling induces preeclampsia (PE) in rats. Biol Reprod 102:199-210.2019PMID: 31347670
Ortega 2017 Biol ReprodOrtega MS, Wohlgemuth S, Tribulo P, Siqueira LG, Null DJ, Cole JB, Da Silva MV, Hansen PJ (2017) A single nucleotide polymorphism in COQ9 affects mitochondrial and ovarian function and fertility in Holstein cows. Biol Reprod 96:652-63.2017PMID: 28339599
Cassina 2015 Biol ReprodCassina AM, Silveira P, Cantu L, Montes JM, Radi R, Sapiro R (2015) Defective human sperm cells are associated with mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidant production. Biol Reprod 93:119.2015PMID: 26447142 Open Access