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Breen L

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Name Breen Laura, Dr.
Institution National Institute for Cellular Biotechnology (NICB)

Dublin City University.

Address ,
City Dublin 9
Country Ireland
O2k-Network Lab IE Dublin O Gorman D



Kenny 2017 Diabetologia2017Kenny HC, Rudwill F, Breen L, Salanova M, Blottner D, Heise T, Heer M, Blanc S, O'Gorman DJ (2017) Bed rest and resistive vibration exercise unveil novel links between skeletal muscle mitochondrial function and insulin resistance. Diabetologia 60:1491-501.
Kelly 2015 Biotechnol J2015Kelly PS, Breen L, Gallagher C, Kelly S, Henry M, Lao NT, Meleady P, O'Gorman D, Clynes M, Barron N (2015) Re-programming CHO cell metabolism using miR-23 tips the balance towards a highly productive phenotype. Biotechnol J 10:1029-40.


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