Brunetta Henver Simionato

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Name Brunetta Henver Simionato, PhD candidate
Henver Brunetta
Department of Physiological Sciences, Federal University of Santa Catarina, BR
Address Rua Roberto Sampaio Gonzaga s/n, Trindade, Florianópolis, SC,
City Trindade, Florianópolis, SC
Country Brazil
O2k-Network Lab



Brunetta 2020 J Physiol2020Brunetta HS, Politis-Barber V, Petrick HL, Dennis KMJH, Kirsh AJ, Barbeau PA, Nunes EA, Holloway GP (2020) Nitrate attenuates HFD-induced glucose intolerance in association with reduced epididymal adipose tissue inflammation and mitochondrial ROS emission. J Physiol [Epub ahead of print].
Brunetta 2019 J Funct Foods2019Brunetta HS, de Paula GC, Fritzen M, Cecchini MS, dos Santos GJ, Nazari EM, Rafacho A, de Bem AF, Nunes EA (2019) Leucine increases muscle mitochondrial respiration and attenuates glucose intolerance in diet-induced obesity in Swiss mice. J Funct Foods 62:103544.
Brunetta 2018 Exp Physiol2018Brunetta HS, de Paula GC, de Oliveira J, Martins EL, Dos Santos GJ, Filho AG, Rafacho A, de Bem AF, Nunes EA (2018) Decrement in resting and insulin-stimulated soleus muscle mitochondrial respiration is an early event in diet-induced obesity in mice. Exp Physiol 104:306-21.


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