CA Sherbrooke Blondin DP

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CA Sherbrooke Blondin DP

Oroboros O2k-Network

O2k-Network Lab Centre de recherche du Centre hospitalier universitaire de Sherbrooke (CRCHUS),

Université de Sherbrooke, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Address 3001, 12th Avenue Nord, J1H 5N4
City Sherbrooke
State/Prov Quebec (QC)
Country Canada
Contact Blondin Denis P
Team Dumont Lauralyne, Ivanova Yoanna
Team previous
Status O2k 2019-
Oroboros Events
Topics Cold-induced thermogenesis, heat exposure, exercise, type 2 diabetes, sepsis, cardiomyopathy


Pileggi 2022 EBioMedicine2022Pileggi CA, Blondin DP, Hooks BG, Parmar G, Alecu I, Patten DA, Cuillerier A, O'Dwyer C, Thrush AB, Fullerton MD, Bennett SAL, Doucet É, Haman F, Cuperlovic-Culf M, McPherson R, Dent RRM, Harper ME (2022) Exercise training enhances muscle mitochondrial metabolism in diet-resistant obesity.


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