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CH Zurich University of Zurich Physiology

Oroboros O2k-Network

O2k-Network Lab Power-O2k Network Cluster
Address ,
City Zurich
Country Switzerland
Contact Gassmann Max, Lundby Carsten
Team CH Zurich Gassmann M, CH Zurich Lundby C
Team previous
Status 3 Power-O2k 2009-
Oroboros Events MitoEAGLE 2017 ES, IOC95, IOC88, MiP2013, IOC75, Bioblast 2012, IOC72, AltitudeOmics 2012, IOC65, IOC60, IOC56, IOC55, MiP2005, HypoxiaNet


Robach 2018 Scand J Med Sci Sports2018Robach P, Hansen J, Pichon A, Meinild Lundby AK, Dandanell S, Slettalรธkken Falch G, Hammarstrรถm D, Pesta DH, Siebenmann C, Keiser S, Kรฉrivel P, Whist JE, Rรธnnestad BR, Lundby C (2018) Hypobaric live high-train low does not improve aerobic performance more than live low-train low in cross-country skiers. Scand J Med Sci Sports 28:1636-52.
Jacobs 2016 J Physiol2016Jacobs RA, Lundby AM, Fenk S, Gehrig S, Siebenmann C, Flรผck D, Kirk N, Hilty MP, Lundby C (2016) Twenty-eight days of exposure to 3,454 m increases mitochondrial volume density in human skeletal muscle. J Physiol 594:1151-66.
Gehrig 2016 Orphanet J Rare Dis2016Gehrig SM, Mihaylova V, Frese S, Mueller SM, Ligon-Auer M, Spengler CM, Petersen JA, Lundby C, Jung HH (2016) Altered skeletal muscle (mitochondrial) properties in patients with mitochondrial DNA single deletion myopath. Orphanet J Rare Dis 11:105.
Montero 2015 J Physiol2015Montero D, Cathomen A, Jacobs RA, Flรผck D, de Leur J, Keiser S, Bonne T, Kirk N, Lundby AK, Lundby C (2015) Haematological rather than skeletal muscle adaptations contribute to the increase in peak oxygen uptake induced by moderate endurance training. J Physiol 593:4677-88.
Robach 2014 Med Sci Sports Exerc2014Robach P, Bonne T, Flรผck D, Bรผrgi S, Toigo M, Jacobs R, Lundby C (2014) Hypoxic training: effect on mitochondrial function and aerobic performance in hypoxia. Med Sci Sports Exerc 46:1936-45.


Garcia-Souza 2017 MiP20172017
Luiz Garcia
Short-term acclimatization to moderate altitude does not affect respiration of peripheral blood mononuclear cells and platelets.

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