Calorespirometric ratio

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Calorespirometric ratio


The calorimetric/respirometric or calorespirometric ratio (CR ratio) is the ratio of calorimetrically and respirometrically measured heat and oxygen flux, determinded by calorespirometry. The experimental CR ratio is compared with the theoretically derived oxycaloric equivalent, and agreement in the range of -450 to -480 kJ/mol O2 indicates a balanced aerobic energy budget (Gnaiger and Staudigl 1987). In the transition from aerobic to anaerobic metabolism, there is a limiting pO2, plim, below which CR ratios become more exothermic since anaerobic energy flux is switched on.

Abbreviation: CR ratio [kJ/mol]

Reference: Gnaiger_1983_J_Exp_Zool, Gnaiger_1991_Soc_Exp_Biol_Seminar_Series

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