Career Event - FH Campus 2021 Wien AT

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Career Event - FH Campus 2021 Wien AT

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Virtual, 2021 Jan 26. Career Event of the FH Campus Wien.

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FH-Wien (2021-01-26) MitoGlobal

Abstract: Career Event of the FH Campus Wien, Virtual, 2021


  • Start 14:45
General welcome and organizational matters
Short poll with whiteboard in the auditorium: who is present how many of them are students / early career / PhD and PostDoc / career changers.
Start of sessions:
1st round: brief introduction of speakers, so that the audience has an idea of the background
2nd round: Gathering of different job opportunities for life-scientists outside of academia
3rd round: Questions to all discussants: PhD or no PhD
4th round: Question to all discussants about changeover science to business
5th round: Internationalization, mobility, etc.


FH-Campus Wien and life-sience

Oroboros at the Career Event

Dr. Erich Gnaiger will present professional background and the combination of experience in academia and industry, by presenting the NextGen-O2k project.
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