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Formatting rules and guidelines

Β» Help:Formatting

Edit and add a page

In general, open a similar page as a template. Click on [Edit] and copy the entire page. Enter the title of your new page in [Search Bioblast]. If the page does not yet exist, the new title is shown in red. Click on the red text, which opens the edit window to generate the new page. Paste the contents of your 'template page' as a guideline to edit the new page.
If a page contains wrong information, then press "edit" and correct the information that is not correct. A preview option is available, which will show you the edits. If there are no further mistakes press "Save changes".

Add a MitoPedia term


Add a reference, publication, abstract

Β» Help:Publications and abstracts

Add a Person

Β» Help:Person

Add an O2k-Protocol

Β» Talk:O2k-Protocols#Bioblast_editors:_Help

Add a sandbox

Sandboxes can be created with:
 [[/My sandbox/]] 
Sandboxes can be used to create pages before making them available for the public. It is suggested to use your own Talk page to add sandboxes. If you need more than one you can add them on the same page with different names.
E.g. My sandbox 1, My sandbox 2, ...

Convert Excel tables to Wiki format

  1. Save your Excel table as a *.csv-file. Make sure that you just save the table, without additional titles, etc.
  2. Open this file with the Editor: right mouse click on the file β†’ Open with (Γ–ffnen mit) β†’ select Editor in Other programs (Andere Programme)
  3. Copy all
  4. Open the link Β» and paste your table into the left box
  5. Tick The first row is the header if you have a headerline in your table
  6. Copy the text in the right box and paste it on the according wiki-page
  7. Add class = 'wikitable' in the first line after {| if you want to have separating lines

Wikipedia help

  • Advanced editing features can be activated by the user under "My preferences" (top line of each page) / "Editing" / "Experimental features" / "Enable enhanced editing toolbar"

Semantic MediaWiki

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