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Cerioni Liana

From Bioblast
Name Cerioni Liana, PhD
Cerioni Liana
Dep of Biomolecular Sciences, University of Urbino, IT
Address via Santa Chiara 27, 610229
City Urbino
Country Italy
O2k-Network Lab



Ruiz 2017 LWT- Food Science Technology2017Ruiz VE, Cerioni L, Zampini IC, Cuello S, Isla MI, Hilal M, Rapisarda VA (2017) UV-B radiation on lemons enhances antifungal activity of flavedo extracts against Penicillium digitatum. LWT- Food Science Technology 85:96-103.
Ruiz 2016 J Photochem Photobiol B2016Ruiz VE, Interdonato R, Cerioni L, Albornoz P, Ramallo J, Prado FE, Hilal M, Rapisarda VA (2016) Short-term UV-B exposure induces metabolic and anatomical changes in peel of harvested lemons contributing in fruit protection against green mold. J Photochem Photobiol B 159:59-65.


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