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Čermáková P, Kovalinka T, Ferenczyová K, Horváth A (2019) Coenzyme Q2 is a universal substrate for the measurement of respiratory chain enzyme activities in trypanosomatids. Parasite 26:17.

» PMID: 30901308 Open Access

Cermakova Petra, Kovalinka Tomas, Ferenczyova Kristina, Horvath Anton (2019) Parasite

Abstract: The measurement of respiratory chain enzyme activities is an integral part of basic research as well as for specialized examinations in clinical biochemistry. Most of the enzymes use ubiquinone as one of their substrates. For current in vitro measurements, several hydrophilic analogues of native ubiquinone are used depending on the enzyme and the workplace. We tested five readily available commercial analogues and we showed that Coenzyme Q2 is the most suitable for the measurement of all tested enzyme activities. Use of a single substrate in all laboratories for several respiratory chain enzymes will improve our ability to compare data, in addition to simplifying the stock of chemicals required for this type of research.

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Regulation: Q-junction effect