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Meadows DH, Meadows DL, Randers J, Behrens III WW (1972) The limits to growth; a report for the Club of Rome's project on the predicament of mankind. ISBN 0876631650

Β» Universe Books, New York Open Access

Meadows Donella H, Meadows Dennis L, Randers JΓΈrgen, Behrens III William W (1972) Universe Books, New York

Abstract: The problems U Thant mentions - the arms race, environmental deterioration, the population explosion, and economic stagnation - are often cited as the central, long-term problems of modern man. Many people believe that the future course of human society, perhaps even the survival of human society, depends on the speed and effectiveness with which the world responds to these issues. And yet only a small fraction of the world's population is actively concerned with understanding these problems or seeking their solutions. β€’ Keywords: Club of Rome
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