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Colomb Marie

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Name Colomb Marie,
Institution Muscle Dynamics and Metabolism, INRAE - UMR 866 DMEM
Address 2 place Pierre Viala -Bat 22, 34060
City Montpellier cedex 1
Country France
O2k-Network Lab FR Montpellier Chabi B



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Chabi 2022 Abstract Bioblast20227.3. «5 min»
Chabi Beatrice
Colomb M, Tuifua L, Bertrand-Gaday C, Pessemesse L, Vernus B, Asikan E, Py G, Ollendorff V, Chabi Beatrice (2022) Coordination between mitochondrial-associated membranes MAMs, mitochondrial function and protein synthesis in exercised and myopathic muscles. Bioblast 2022: BEC Inaugural Conference. In: »Watch the presentation«
Colomb 2022 Bioblast20222022Bioblast 2022 participant.

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