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Company of Scientists


Company of Scientists

The Company of Scientists evolves as a concept for implementing scientific innovations on the market.

Abbreviation: CompaSci

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Marketing a scientific innovation

The difficulties

Many valuable scientific innovations remain confined to individual laboratories, even if the scientific community and society in general might profit from the dissemination of such products. Various factors are responsible for the fact that such scientific innovations never make it to become commercially available.
  • Highly specialized instruments are not attractive for sales companies and investors who seek a high turnout.
  • Specialized scientific instruments require a global market from the start, whereas sales companies (distributors) operate typically only in nationally or regionally confined areas.
  • Filing of a patent is supported by various academic and other national institutions, but having a patent is quite different from having a concept for producing and marketing an instrument.
  • Many scientists are reluctant to initiate their own startup company, due to high costs and bureaucratic difficulties in starting a business, possible conflict of interests with their academic institutions, lack of experience in handling such a business, and difficulties in finding the right partner or partner institutions for prototype development, series production and marketing.
  • Many scientists underestimate the high value of having established an international network within the area of their specialized discipline.

The Company of Scientists

  • The Company of Scientists provides a platform for Scientists ('Scientific Partners') to market their product (Innovation) without having to invest into the initiation of their own company at a time when the limited resources are required for development, production and documentation of the Innovation.
  • A Contract is made between a Scientific Partner and The Company of Scientists for marketing a defined number of instruments (Series) of an Innovation of the Scientific Partner.
  • All rights on the Innovation remain with the Scientific Partner.
  • The Scientific Partner is responsible for the development and production of the Innovation, as well as for the documentation (technical specifications, user manual, application notes and publications).
  • The Company of Scientists is the buyer of a Series of the Innovation, and is responsible for the administration in selling these products (offers, administrative correspondence, dispatch forms and international shipment, invoices, accounting).
  • The Scientific Partner is responsible for the contacts with potential customers, and for the technical and scientific support.
  • All documentation and correspondence linked to the Innovation is mutually accessible by the Company of Scientists and the Scientific Partner.
  • If the marketing cooperation should be continued beyond a Series, a follow-up contract has to be made between the Company of Scientists and the Scientific Partner.
  • The Scientific Partners gain from the reputation and experience developed by and shared within of the Company of Scientists. The partners also gain from the networks established by the Company of Scientists with other scientists, academic institutions, companies and granting agencies.

Oroboros Company
Oroboros Instruments is a strategic partner of the Company of Scientists, providing long-term expertise in instrumental development and international scientific marketing.
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