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COST Action CA15203 MitoEAGLE
Evolution-Age-Gender-Lifestyle-Environment: mitochondrial fitness mapping


Cotter Matthew

MitoPedia topics: EAGLE 

COST: Member

Name Cotter Matthew, MSc.

Lab Manager

Institution Physical Activity and Energy Metabolism Lab

Arkansas Children’s Nutrition Center (ACNC)

Address 15 Children’s Way, 72202
City Little Rock
State/Province Arkansas (AR)
Country USA
O2k-Network Lab US AR Little Rock Boersheim E, US TX Galveston Porter C

Labels: Field of research: Basic, Clinical 


Carvalho 2020 BMC Nutr2020Carvalho E, Adams SH, Boersheim E, Blackburn ML, Ono-Moore KD, Cotter M, Bowlin AK, Yeruva L (2020) Neonatal diet impacts liver mitochondrial bioenergetics in piglets fed formula or human milk. BMC Nutr 6:13.
Rose 2019 Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab2019Rose S, Carvalho E, Diaz EC, Cotter M, Bennuri SC, Azhar G, Frye RE, Adams SH, Børsheim E (2019) A comparative study of mitochondrial respiration in circulating blood cells and skeletal muscle fibers in women. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab 317:E503-E512.


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Effects of maternal obesity on offspring mitochondrial function, in placenta, PBMCs, and platelets (human and mouse). Effects of aging on mitochondrial function, in skeletal muscle, PBMCs, and platelets (human and mouse). Effects of early diet on mitochondrial function in pig skeletal muscle, ileum, and PBMCs.

Comparison between Seahorse XFe96 and Oroboros O2K using human skeletal muscle (permeabilized tissue), platelets, and PBMCs.

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