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Coupling control ratio


Coupling control ratios, CCR, are flux control ratios, FCR, at a constant mitochondrial pathway control state. In mitochondrial preparations, there are three well-defined coupling states of respiration, L, P, E (LEAK, OXPHOS, ET-pathway). In intact cells, state P cannot be induced, but a ROUTINE state of respiration, R, can be measured. The reference state, Jref, is defined by taking Jref as the maximum flux, i.e. flux in the ET state, E, such that the lower and upper limits of the CCR are defined as 0.0 and 1.0. Then there are two mitochondrial CCR, L/E and P/E, and two CCR for intact cells, L/E and R/E.

Abbreviation: CCR

Reference: Flux control ratio

Coupling control ratios related to free capacities

Free OXPHOS capacity, ≈P = P-L
OXPHOS coupling efficiency, j≈P = ≈P/P = 1-L/P
Free ROUTINE activity, ≈R = R-L
ROUTINE coupling efficiency, j≈R = ≈R/R = 1-L/R
Free ET-capacity, ≈E = E-L
ET-coupling efficiency, j≈E = ≈E/E = 1-L/E
Free OXPHOS capacity, ≈P = P-L
Free ROUTINE activity, ≈R = R-L

Coupling control ratios related to excess capacities

Excess E-P capacity, ExP = E-P
Excess E-P capacity factor, jExP = ExP/E = 1-P/E
Excess E-R capacity, ExR = E-R
Excess E-R capacity factor, jExR = ExR/E = 1-R/E


» Coupling control factor, CCF = 1-CCR
» Respiratory acceptor control ratio, RCR


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