DE Duesseldorf Grieshaber MK

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DE Duesseldorf Grieshaber MK

Oroboros O2k-Network

O2k-Network Lab Inst Zool IV

Univ DΓΌsseldorf

Address UniversitΓ€tsstr 1, 0225
City Duesseldorf
Country Germany
Contact Grieshaber Manfred
Team previous Hildebrandt Tatjana, Theissen Ursula
Status O2P
Oroboros Events


Hoefler 2016 Physiol Plant2016HΓΆfler S, Lorenz C, Busch T, BrinkkΓΆtter M, Tohge T, Fernie AR, Braun HP, Hildebrandt TM (2016) Dealing with the sulfur part of cysteine: four enzymatic steps degrade l-cysteine to pyruvate and thiosulfate in Arabidopsis mitochondria. Physiol Plant 157:352-66..
Kruessel 2014 Plant Physiol2014Krüßel L, Junemann J, Wirtz M, Birke H, Thornton JD, Browning LW, Poschet G, Hell R, Balk J, Braun HP, Hildebrandt TM (2014) The mitochondrial sulfur dioxygenase ETHYLMALONIC ENCEPHALOPATHY PROTEIN1 is required for amino acid catabolism during carbohydrate starvation and embryo development in Arabidopsis. Plant Physiol 165:92-104.
Hildebrandt 2008 FEBS J2008Hildebrandt TM, Grieshaber MK (2008) Three enzymatic activities catalyze the oxidation of sulfide to thiosulfate in mammalian and invertebrate mitochondria. FEBS J 275:3352-6.


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