EUROMIT2023 Bologna IT

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EUROMIT2023 Bologna IT

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Bologna, IT, Jun 11-15, 2023. EUROMIT2023 International Conference on Mitochondrial Pathology


EUROMIT (2023-06-11) MitoGlobal

Abstract: EUROMIT 2023, Bologna, Italy, 2023


EUROMIT 2023.jpg
Volvo Congress Center
Piazza della Costituzione, 4,
40128 Bologna BO


Find the list of organizers and committee members here


Program is available here


Register here
Registration opens November 2022
Abstract Submission Opening: 2022-11-05
Early bird and presenters registration deadline: 2023-04-16
Final registration deadline: 2023-05-30
Abstract submission deadline: 2023-03-07

Oroboros at EUROMIT 2023

Poster presentations

June 12; 3:30 pm - Timon-Gomez Alba : Mitochondrial injury in warm ischemia studied by high-resolution respirometry
June 12; 6:00 pm - Gnaiger Erich : Off-target effects of etomoxir: inhibition of mitochondrial Complex I and fatty acid oxidation

Oroboros Instruments lunch workshop

June 13; 12:45 pm -1:45 pm in Sala Europa - Gnaiger Erich: Mitochondrial bioenergetics - a quantitative analytical and diagnostic approach.


The Oroboros team is looking forward to welcoming you at our Oroboros booth which will present the NextGen-O2k at EUROMIT 2023.

Posters with Oroboros co-authorships

June 12; 3:30 pm - Nadine Spielmann, Christina Schenkl, TΓ­mea KomlΓ³di, Patricia da Silva-Buttkus, Estelle Heyne, Jana Rohde, Oana V. Amarie, Birgit Rathkolb, Erich Gnaiger, Torsten Doenst, Helmut Fuchs, ValΓ©rie Gailus-Durner, Martin HrabΔ› de Angelis, Marten Szibor: Knockout of Complex III subunit Uqcrh decreases respiratory capacity and impairs cardiac contractile function independent of mitochondrial ROS production
June 12; 6:00 pm - Valeria Balmaceda, Timea Komoldi, Massimo Zeviani, Erich Gnaiger, Anthony L. Moore, Erika Fernandez Vizarra, Carlo Viscomi: Tissue-specific bioenergetics in mouse models of mitochondrial disease
June 12; 6:00 pm - Judith Sailer, Sabine Schmitt, Hans Zischka, Erich Gnaiger: Antibiotics directly affect mitochondrial respiration
June 13; 3:30 pm - Omar Torres-Quesada, Sophie Strich, Andreas Feichtner, Selina Schwaighofer, Carolina Doerrier, Sabine Schmitt, Erich Gnaiger, Eduard Stefan: Diagnostic examination of kinase inhibitors by bioenergetic profiling of cancer cell models reveals off-target drug effects,


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