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Stepanova 2021 ElifePMID: 33942714 Open AccessStepanova V, Moczulska KE, Vacano GN, Kurochkin I, Ju X, Riesenberg S, Macak D, Maricic T, Dombrowski L, Schörnig M, Anastassiadis K, Baker O, Naumann R, Khrameeva E, Vanushkina A, Stekolshchikova E, Egorova A, Tkachev A, Mazzarino R, Duval N, Zubkov D, Giavalisco P, Wilkinson TG, Patterson D, Khaitovich P, Pääbo S (2021) Reduced purine biosynthesis in humans after their divergence from Neandertals. Elife 10:e58741. doi: 10.7554/eLife.58741.2021
Rodgers 2021 ElifePMID: 34874010 Open AccessRodgers P, Collings A (2021) What have we learned?. Elife 10:e75830. doi: 10.7554/eLife.758302021
Baxter 2020 ElifePMID: 31939735 Open AccessBaxter M, Voronkov M, Poolman T, Galli G, Pinali C, Goosey L, Knight A, Krakowiak K, Maidstone R, Iqbal M, Zi M, Prehar S, Cartwright EJ, Gibbs J, Matthews LC, Adamson AD, Humphreys NE, Rebelo-Guiomar P, Minczuk M, Bechtold DA, Loudon A, Ray D (2020) Cardiac mitochondrial function depends on BUD23 mediated ribosome programming. Elife 9:e50705.2020
Duplaquet 2020 ElifePMID: 32091387 Open AccessDuplaquet L, Leroy C, Vinchent A, Paget S, Lefebvre J, Vanden Abeele F, Lancel S, Giffard F, Paumelle R, Bidaux G, Heliot L, Poulain L, Furlan A, Tulasne D (2020) Control of cell death/survival balance by the MET dependence receptor. Elife 9:e50041.2020
Ulrich 2020 ElifePMID: 32930092 Open AccessUlrich R, Miller J (2020) Meta-research: Questionable research practices may have little effect on replicability. Elife 9:e58237. doi: 10.7554/eLife.582372020
Maciocci 2019 eLifeeLife Open AccessMaciocci G, Aufreiter M, Bentley N (2019) Introducing eLife’s first computationally reproducible article. eLife Labs Feb 20, 2019.2019
Fazakerley 2018 ElifePMID:29402381 Open AccessFazakerley 1DJ, Chaudhuri R, Yang P, Maghzal GJ, Thomas KC, Krycer JR, Humphrey SJ,Parker BL, Fisher-Wellman KH, Meoli CC, Hoffman NJ, Diskin C, Burchfield JG, Cowley MJ, Kaplan W, Modrusan Z, Kolumam G, Yang JY, Chen DL, Samocha-Bonet D, Greenfield JR, Hoehn KL, Stocker R, James DE (2018) Mitochondrial CoQ deficiency is a common driver of mitochondrial oxidants and insulin resistance. Elife 7:32111.2018
Arnoux 2018 ElifePMID: 30179155 Open AccessArnoux I, Willam M, Griesche N, Krummeich J, Watari H, Offermann N, Weber S, Narayan Dey P, Chen C, Monteiro O, Buettner S, Meyer K, Bano D, Radyushkin K, Langston R, Lambert JJ, Wanker E, Methner A, Krauss S, Schweiger S, Stroh A (2018) Metformin reverses early cortical network dysfunction and behavior changes in Huntington's disease. Elife 7:e38744.2018
Rudnicki 2018 ElifePMID: 30511639 Open AccessRudnicki M, Abdifarkosh G, Nwadozi E, Ramos SV, Makki A, Sepa-Kishi DM, Ceddia RB, Perry CG, Roudier E, Haas TL (2018) Endothelial-specific FoxO1 depletion prevents obesity-related disorders by increasing vascular metabolism and growth. Elife 7:e39780.2018
Hancock 2018 ElifePMID: 30589411 Open AccessHancock M, Hafstad AD, Nabeebaccus AA, Catibog N, Logan A, Smyrnias I, Hansen SS, Lanner J, Schröder K, Murphy MP, Shah AM, Zhang M (2018) Myocardial NADPH oxidase-4 regulates the physiological response to acute exercise. Elife 7:e41044.2018
Davila 2018 ElifePMID: 29893687 Open AccessDavila A, Liu L, Chellappa K, Redpath P, Nakamaru-Ogiso E, Paolella LM, Zhang Z, Migaud ME, Rabinowitz JD, Baur JA (2018) Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide is transported into mammalian mitochondria. Elife 7:e33246.2018
Seo 2017 ElifePMID: 28394250 Open AccessSeo AY, Lau PW, Feliciano D, Sengupta P, Gros MAL, Cinquin B, Larabell CA, Lippincott-Schwartz J (2017) AMPK and vacuole-associated Atg14p orchestrate μ-lipophagy for energy production and long-term survival under glucose starvation. Elife 6. pii: e21690.2017
Klusch 2017 ElifePMID: 29210357 Open AccessKlusch N, Murphy BJ, Mills DJ, Yildiz Ö, Kühlbrandt W (2017) Structural basis of proton translocation and force generation in mitochondrial ATP synthase. Elife e33274. doi: 10.7554/eLife.33274.2017
Hindle 2017 eLifeeLife Open AccessHindle A, Saderi D (2017) PREreview — a new resource for the collaborative review of preprints. eLife Labs Oct 25, 2017.2017
NCD-RisC 2016 ElifePMID: 27458798 Open AccessNCD Risk Factor Collaboration (NCD-RisC) (2016) A century of trends in adult human height. Elife 5 pii: e13410. doi: 10.7554/eLife.13410.2016
Kang 2016 ElifePMID: 27554484 Open AccessKang Y, Baker MJ, Liem M, Louber J, McKenzie M, Atukorala I, Ang CS, Keerthikumar S, Mathivanan S, Stojanovski D (2016) Tim29 is a novel subunit of the human TIM22 translocase and is involved in complex assembly and stability. Elife 5:e17463.2016
Chubanov 2016 ElifePMID: 27991852 Open AccessChubanov V, Ferioli S, Wisnowsky A, Simmons DG, Leitzinger C, Einer C, Jonas W, Shymkiv Y, Bartsch H, Braun A, Akdogan B, Mittermeier L, Sytik L, Torben F, Jurinovic V, van der Vorst EP, Weber C, Yildirim ÖA, Sotlar K, Schürmann A, Zierler S, Zischka H, Ryazanov AG, Gudermann T (2016) Epithelial magnesium transport by TRPM6 is essential for prenatal development and adult survival. Elife 5. pii: e20914.2016
Neves 2015 ElifePMID: 25929283Neves A, Busso C, Gönczy P (2015) Cellular hallmarks reveal restricted aerobic metabolism at thermal limits. Elife 4:e04810.2015