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Physicochemical equality (symbol =) indicates in an equation not only numerical equivalence (symbol ≡), but an identity of the full meaning.

Abbreviation: =

Reference: Gnaiger 2020 BEC MitoPathways


Conventional symbols:
The protonmotive force pmF
Format Definition Units
charge format: Δp ≡ ∆𝜇H+ ∙ (𝑧H+𝐹)−1 + ∆𝛹p+ [J∙C-1 = V]
amount format: Δ𝜇̃ H+ ≡ ∆𝜇H+ + ∆𝛹p+ ∙ (𝑧H+𝐹) [J∙mol-1 = Jol]
Iconic symbols: ΔmFH+ = ΔdFH+ + ΔelFp+
Chemical potential, stoichiometry, and metabolic force
Quantity Symbol Equation Units Blue Book 8.2.2.
potential: μH+ = RT∙ln aH+ = -RT∙ln(10)∙pH [kJ∙mol-1] 8.18a
difference ΔμH+ = -RT∙ln(10)∙ΔpH = -RT∙2.303∙(pHb-pHa) [kJ∙mol-1] 8.18b
force: ΔdFH+ = μH+aνa + μH+bνb =-RT∙2.303∙∆dpH [kJ∙mol-1] 8.18c

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