Excess E-R capacity factor

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Excess E-R capacity factor


Excess E-R capacity factor The apparent excess E-R capacity factor (E-R coupling control factor), jExR = (E-R)/E = 1-R/E, is an expression of the relative scope of increasing ROUTINE respiration in living cells by uncoupling. jExR = 0.0 for zero excess capacity when R=E; jExR = 1.0 for the maximum limit when R=0. The ROUTINE state of living cells is stimulated to Electron transfer pathway by uncoupler titration, which yields the excess E-R capacity, ExR=E-R. Since ET-capacity is significantly higher than OXPHOS capacity in various cell types (as shown by cell ergometry), ExR or jExR is not a reserve capacity available for the cell to increase oxidative phosphorylation, but strictly a scope (reserve?) for uncoupling respiration. Similarly, the apparent excess E-P capacity, ExP=E-P, is not a respiratory reserve in the sense of oxidative phosphorylation.

Abbreviation: jExR

Reference: Flux control factor

MitoPedia concepts: Respiratory control ratio 


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