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A number of replica, N, of experiments on one sample type is designed to obtain statistical information about the involved population(s) and to test hypotheses about a population and about differences between populations, when experiments are carried out on different sample types. An experiment may involve various assays, e.g., a respirometric assay and an assay for protein determination.

Contributed by Gnaiger Erich 2016-01-27, edited: 2016-02-11


The term 'experiment' is used with different meanings in common language.
  • See the entry on replica for a specific terminology on 'experiment'.
  • When 'designing an experiment', the term is used very close to the meaning of study design. A distinction made between experiment and study may be useful.
  • When 'running an experiment', the term is probably used as in the present description.

Links to publications

  • Different tissues and cell types are selected as sample types in comparative experiments:
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  • Pathophysiological arms of an experiment:
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MitoPedia O2k and high-resolution respirometry: Oroboros QM 

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