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The term extroduction is ambiguous and needs introduction. An external extroduction aims at providing a specific exit that opens the door to the parent article. Once you popped up into the article box, there are various internal extroductions to push down by following hyperlinks to references, keywords, supplementary material, and to the external extroduction. Once you have pushed one level down, there may be hyperlinks to push down further (Hofstadter 1979). One needs to keep track of the links in a nested network of open tabs, to pop up all the way back for returning to the initial reference level.

Reference: MitoFit 2020.4

Communicated by Gnaiger Erich 2020-06-14


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Introduction and extroduction

An introduction to a scientific article serves three functions, to (1) introduce the importance of the contents of the article; (2) characterize the audience; and (3) explain how to understand and use the article. Obviously, this important task cannot be achieved by and introduction that is packed into the article box.
The introduction to a scientific article is typically part of the article, packed into the article box. Doors into the box may be locked, but doors to Open Access boxes can be opened. The introduction neither introduces you to open the box, nor is it found at the beginning, once you are inside the box. The introduction comes after title, authors, table of contents. If the table of contents is inside the box, it has to include itself to be a table of the complete contents. A complete introduction to the contents of the box has to introduce not only the contents that follows, it has to include the table of contents and has to introduce itself. How can the introduction inside the box introduce the complete contents? A part of the contents inside the box cannot introduce the complete contents inside the box. This needs the extroduction outside the box.
The problem can be solved by making two copies: The second copy of the introduction the is placed into the box, while the first copy remains external and is thus the extroduction. The first problem with the extroduction is, where to put it. Since this is not a problem for the second copy inside the box, this is where the introduction ends.
  • If your point of reference is the box of the Canonical Canon, pop up into the external box to find the Extroductory Canons. If your point of reference is the present MitoPedia article 'Extroduction', push down to find out more about it: Β»Extroductory CanonsΒ«
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