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Galluzzi L, Kroemer G (ed) (2014) Conceptual background and bioenergetic/mitochondrial aspects of oncometabolism. Methods Enzymol 542:509pp.

» Methods Enzymol 542

Galluzzi L, Kroemer G (2014) Methods Enzymol

Abstract: Table of Contents

1. The metabolic alterations of cancer cells 2. Autophagy and cancer metabolism 3. Regulation of cancer metabolism by oncogenes and tumor suppressors 4. Crosstalk between cell death regulation and metabolism 5. Techniques to monitor glycolysis 6. Measurement of enolase activity in cell lysates 7. Extracellular flux analysis to monitor glycolytic rates and mitochondrial oxygen consumption 8. Conventional techniques to monitor mitochondrial oxygen consumption 9. Combined high-resolution respirometry and fluorometry. Validation of safranin for determination of mitochondrial membrane potential. 10. Kinetic analysis of local oxygenation and respiratory responses of mammalian cells using intracellular oxygen-sensitive probes and time-resolved fluorescence plate reader 11. 13C isotope-assisted methods for quantifying glutamine metabolism in cancer cells 12. Measurement of fatty acid oxidation rates in animal tissues and cell lines 13. Methods to assess steroid hormone induced lipid accumulation in cancer cells 14.Use of chemical probes to monitor mitochondrial ROS production by fluorescence dyes for flow cytometry and spectrofluorometry 15. Rapid methods to monitor mitochondrial and cellular ROS production by fluorescence microscopy and fluorometry 16. Genetically encoded redox sensors in biomedical science 17. Real time measurement of metabolic states in living cells using genetically encoded NADH sensors 18. Use of genetically encoded sensors to monitor cytosolic ATP/ADP ratio in living cells 19.Methods to monitor and compare mitochondrial and glycolytic ATP production in cells 20. Measurement of ADP-ATP exchange in relation to membrane potential and oxygen consumption in mitochondria with improved calibration 21. Analysis of hypoxia-induced metabolic reprogramming

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