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Gnaiger E (1983) Symbols and units: toward standardization. In: Polarographic Oxygen Sensors. Aquatic and Physiological Applications. Gnaiger E, Forstner H (eds), Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York:352-8.

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Gnaiger E (1983) Springer


Gnaiger 1983 Springer POS

In attempting to combine the expertise of specialists in various disciplines under the title of polarographic oxygen measurement, it became necessary to reach conformity as to the usage of different terms, units, and symbols. Despite the recommendations periodically published by international committees as to what constitutes a standardized scientific terminology [3,5, 6], agreement is rather poor. Interdisciplinary communication and clarity in the documentation of scientific literature can be improved by a stricter adherance to the fundamental guidelines at present available. Some conflicting terms and some apparently problematic units are discussed briefly in the following.

In: Gnaiger E, Forstner H, eds (1983) Polarographic Oxygen Sensors. Aquatic and Physiological Applications. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York:370 pp.

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