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Name Gómez Rodríguez Alexia, PhD. Student
Alexia Gomez Rodriguez

Complutense University of Madrid (UCM)

Department of Animal Physiology-II
Faculty of Biological Sciences

Alexia Gómez Rodríguez was part of the Oroboros team until July 2013.

Address Jose Antonio Novais, 2, 28040
City Madrid
Country Spain
O2k-Network Lab

Labels: Field of research: Basic  Topics: Mitochondria, Aging, pO2 


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Shabalina 2018 MiP20182018
Irina Shabalina
Elovl2-ablation leads to mitochondrial phospholipid remodeling and reduced oxidative phosphorylation capacity in mouse liver mitochondria.
Gomez Rodriguez 2013 Abstract IOC752013Gomez Rodriguez A (2013) ß-adrenergic receptor signaling interruption with two β-blockers (atenolol or nebivolol) can modify different oxidative stress related parameters linked to longevity in mouse liver. Mitochondr Physiol Network 18.03.

Participated at

Visiting scientist in the Oroboros MitoFit Laboratory


Alexia Gómez Rodríguez: Visiting scientist at the Oroboros MitoFit Laboratory

  • June 04 to July 31 2013