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A combination of mouse and keyboard commands provides convenient control of graphs in DatLab 8.


In the graph
Hold left mouse button: drag all plots synchronously
Mouse wheel: scroll to zoom in and out
On the axes
Hold left mouse button: move each axis individually
Mouse wheel: scroll to change scaling, zooming in and out


Arrow keys
Key arrow right.png Key arrow left.png Right / left: navigate along the x-axis (time)
Key arrow up.png Key arrow down.png move along the y-axis of the data activated on the right hand side (y1 or y1-axis).
Page up/down keys
Key page up.png Key page down.png switch between graphs

Graph control buttons

Graph option symbols
Can be found at the right top of each graph
Find explanations by hovering above the symbols with the mouse pointer.


Key alt.png... serves as a modifier for local versus global
Mouse, keyboard and control buttons apply to the active graph, they have 'local' effect, while pressing the 'Alt'-key they effect all graphs in a 'global' manner.
With the 'Alt'-key pressed, the x-axes of all graphs will change synchronously. Effects of control buttons will apply to all graphs, not only the active one.

MitoPedia O2k and high-resolution respirometry: DatLab 

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