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Gustafsson 1993 Pure Appl Chem

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Gustafsson L, Kemp R, Gnaiger E (1993) Preface: Calorimetry and thermodynamics of biological processes. Pure Appl Chem 65:IV.

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Gustafsson L, Kemp R, Gnaiger Erich (1993) Pure Appl Chem

Abstract: Cellular metabolism is not just a simple combustion, and the production of heat is rarely the main significance of the oxidation of reduced organic substrates. Metabolism is characterized by two different functions, namely the provision of molecular compounds and the supply of energy for performing various kinds of work. In the absence of work, heat dissipation is quantitatively related to the enthalpy change of metabolic reactions. The dissipated heat, however, is not a general measure of the potential for the metabolic machinery to perform work, which stems from the Gibbs energy change of the metabolic reactions. Inefficiency and dissipation of Gibbs energy contribute to, but are not generally identical with the calorimetric measure of heat dissipation.

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