High-resolution respirometry

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high-resolution terminology - matching measurements at high-resolution

High-resolution respirometry



High-resolution respirometry, HRR, is the state-of-the-art approach in mitochondria and cell research to measure respiration in various types of mitochondrial preparations and living cells combined with MultiSensor modules.

Mitochondrial function and dysfunction have gained increasing interest, reflecting growing awareness of the fact that mitochondria play a pivotal role in human health and disease. HRR combines instrumental accuracy and reliability with the versatility of applicable protocols, allowing practically unlimited addition and combination of substrates, inhibitors, and uncouplers using the Oroboros O2k-technology. Substrate-uncoupler-inhibitor titration (SUIT) protocols allow the interrogation of numerous mitochondrial pathway and coupling states in a single respirometric assay. Mitochondrial respiratory pathways may be analyzed in detail to evaluate even minor alterations in respiratory coupling and pathway control patterns.

The O2k-technology provides sole source instruments, with no other available instrument meeting its specifications for high-resolution respirometry. Technologically, HRR is based on the Oroboros O2k-technology, combining optimized chamber design, application of oxygen-tight materials, electrochemical sensors, Peltier-temperature control, and specially developed software features (DatLab) to obtain the unique sensitive and quantitative resolution of oxygen concentration and oxygen flux, with both, a closed-chamber or open-chamber mode of operation (TIP2k). Standardized calibration of the polarographic oxygen sensor (static sensor calibration), calibration of the sensor response time (dynamic sensor calibration), and evaluation of instrumental background oxygen flux (systemic flux compensation) provide the experimental basis for high accuracy of quantitative results and quality control in HRR. HRR can be extended for MultiSensor analysis by using the O2k-Fluo Smart-Module. Smart Fluo-Sensors are integrated into the O2k to measure simultaneously fluorometric signals using specific fluorophores. Potentiometric modules are available with ion-selective electrodes (pH, TPP+). The PB-Module extends HRR to PhotoBiology with accurate control of the light intensity and measurement of photosynthesis. The O2k and the NextGen-O2k support all these O2k-Modules. The NextGen-O2k all-in-one, however, is unique in supporting Q-Redox and NADH-Redox Modules.

Abbreviation: HRR

Reference: Oroboros O2k-technology


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