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PΓΌhringer 2021 High Alt Med BiolPΓΌhringer R, Gatterer H, Berger M, Said M, Faulhaber M, Burtscher M (2021) Does moderate altitude affect VO2max in acclimatized mountain guides? High Alt Med Biol doi: 10.1089/ham.2021.00812021PMID: 34939827
Burtscher 2012 High Alt Med BiolBurtscher M, Gnaiger E, Burtscher J, Nachbauer W, Brugger A (2012) Arnold Durig (1872-1961): life and work. An Austrian pioneer in exercise and high altitude physiology. High Alt Med Biol 13:224-31.2012PMID: 22994523
Marconi 2006 High Alt Med BiolMarconi C, Marzorati M, Cerretelli P (2006) Work capacity of permanent residents of high altitude. High Alt Med Biol 7:105-115.2006PMID: 16764524
Bailey 2001 High Alt Med BiolBailey DM, Davies B (2001) Acute mountain sickness; prophylactic benefits of antioxidant vitamin supplementation at high altitude. High Alt Med Biol 2:21-9.2001PMID:11252695
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