High signal at zero oxygen

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High signal at zero oxygen

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A high signal at zero oxygen may be observed during zero calibration. The following instructions show how to further localize and possibly solve this technical problem.

Abbreviation: R0

Reference: Zero calibration, OroboPOS-Connector

High zero current test

High zero current test 2.png
  • Note: Before sending us the O2k or any spare components, please contact us via our O2k-Open Support system: O2k-Open Support
[1] Cleaning the electrical connections
[2] MiPNet19.18B POS-service
[3] MiPNet06.03 POS-calibration-SOP
[4] MiPNet14.06 Instrumental O2 background
Example: First, the OroboPOS-Connector and the POS were disassembled and disconnected from the main unit. Second, the OroboPOS-Connector was connected to the O2k-Main unit without the OroboPOS. Third, the OroboPOS was connected to the OroboPOS-Connector without membranes. After each step, the O2 raw signal [V] was recorded for 10 min. The marks were set to the O2 raw signal [V] to evaluate the zero current.
High zero current good example.png
High zero current test bad exmaple.png
Figure 1. High zero current test. Upper panel: Zero current is in the range of ±0.00099 V. Lower panel: Zero current is higher than 0.00099 V when the OroboPOS-Connector is connected to the O2k-Main unit and when the OroboPOS is connected to the OroboPOS-Connector, indicating a potential electrical problem with both the OroboPOS-Connector and the OroboPOS.



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