Horseradish peroxidase

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Horseradish peroxidase


Horseradish peroxidase readily combines with hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and the resultant [HRP-H2O2] complex can oxidize a wide variety of hydrogen donors.

Abbreviation: HRP

Application in HRR

HRP: Horseradish peroxidase (peroxidase from horseradish Type II, essentially salt-free, lyophilized powder, 150-250 units/mg solid); Sigma P8250, store at 4 Β°C.
Preparation of 500 U/mL stock solution (dissolved in MiR05):
  1. Weigh 3.33 mg
  2. Dissolve in 1 mL MiR05.
  3. Aliquot 200 Β΅L into 500 Β΅L Eppendorf tubes.
The use of horseradish peroxidase type II in fluorometric measurement of peroxide production is recommended by Laszlo Tretter.
Measurement of H2O2 with Amplex UltraRed


Donor + H2O2 β†’ Oxidized Donor + 2 H2O

Known inhibitors

According to Sigma-Adrich, citing [1]: sodium azide, cyanide, L-cystine,dichromate, ethylenethiourea, hydroxylamine, sulfide, vanadate, p-aminobenzoic acid, and Cd2+, Co2+, Cu2+, Fe3+, Mn2+, Ni2+, and Pb2+ ions.


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  1. ↑ Zollner H (1993) Handbook of Enzyme Inhibitors, 2nd ed, Part A:367-8.

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