Inorganic phosphate

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Inorganic phosphate


Inorgnic phosphate (Pi) is a salt of phosphoric acid. In solution near physiological pH, the species HPO42- and H2PO4- dominate. See also: Phosphate carrier (Pic).

Abbreviation: Pi

Reference: Scheibye-Knudsen 2009 Eur J Appl Physiol

Application in HRR

The Pi concentration in mitochondrial respiration media should be saturating for measurement of OXPHOS capacity (10 mM in MiR05-Kit) with HRR. Many media used in mitochondrial respirometric studies contain inorganic phosphate at lower concentraitons (2 mM), which may not be saturating respiration in all pathway control states. It is not easy to isolate mitochondria in buffers without phosphate to study LEAK respiration respiration limited by the absence of phosphate.

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