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Kadosh Roi Cohen, Dowker Ann, ed (2015) The Oxford handbook of numerical cognition. Oxford Univ Press:1185 pp.

Kadosh Roi Cohen, Dowker Ann (2015) Oxford Univ Press

Abstract: Numbers are vital to so many areas of life: in science, economics, sports, education, and many aspects of everyday life from infancy onwards. This handbook brings together the different research areas that make up the vibrant field of numerical cognition in one comprehensive and authoritative volume.

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Chapter 2: Philosophy of number by Giaquinto Marcus

Giaquinto 2015 Oxford Univ Press
Numbers cannot be seen, heard, touched, tasted, or smelled; they do not emit or reflect signals; they leave no traces. So what kind of things are they? These are the central philosophical questions about numbers. Plausible combinations of answers have proved elusive.

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