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Kaufmann R, Gnaiger E (1981) Optimization of calorimetric systems: continuous control of baseline stability by monitoring thermostat temperatures. Thermochim Acta 49:75-85.

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Kaufmann R, Gnaiger Erich (1981) Thermochim Acta

Abstract: Despite the employment of modern twin calorimeters, the evaluation of baseline stability remained one of the outstanding methodological problems in biological microcalorimeters operated near the limit of detection. Baseline instabilities are mainly caused by thermal disturbances from environmental and thermostat fluctuations. Therefore continuously monitoring the temperatures in the thermostat and heat sink provides a good indication of the reliability of calorimetric measurements. In addition, numerical methods are available to correct the heat flow curves from temperature disturbances. Such temperature correction procedures can improve the accuracy of various types of microcalorimeters.

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