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Mark specifications - DatLab

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The function Mark specifications is largely replaced by SUIT DL-Protocols and Instrumental DL-Protocols in DatLab 7.4. Mark specifications allow the user to rename Marks in the active plot and save/recall the settings. Rename marks individually by clicking into the horizontal bar, or use corresponding templates for renaming the entire sequence of marks.

Mark specifications (name, state, concentration and volume) are shown from the active plot. Define the template name and save template.
Select a Template, left click on preview from template, and rename all marks of the plot, including the state, concentration and volume.


Reference mark names in DatLab 7

Reference mark names Description SUIT protocol Reference
MiPNet08.09_IntactCells Coupling control protocol (ceCCP) in intact cells. 1ce;2ceOmy;3ceU- MiPNet08.09 CellRespiration

MiPNet10.04_IntactCells Coupling control protocol (ceCCP) in intact cells using TIP2k for automatic uncoupler titrations. 1ce;2ceOmy;3ceU- MiPNet10.04 CellRespiration

MiPNet21.06 RP1pce
MiPNet21.06 RP2pce
MiPNet21.06 RP1mt
MiPNet21.06 RP2mt
Β» Library of SUIT protocols MitoPedia: SUIT protocols



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MitoPedia O2k and high-resolution respirometry: DatLab 

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