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Zhu 2022 MetabolismZhu JY, Chen M, Mu WJ, Luo HY, Guo L (2022) Higd1a facilitates exercise-mediated alleviation of fatty liver in diet-induced obese mice. 134:155241. PMID: 35750235 Open Access
Wang 2019 MetabolismWang D, Liu CD, Li HF, Tian ML, Pan JQ, Shu G, Jiang QY, Yin YL, Zhang L (2019) LSD1 mediates microbial metabolite butyrate-induced thermogenesis in brown and white adipose tissue. Metabolism 102:154011.2019PMID: 31734274
Rajkumar 2018 MetabolismRajkumar A, Liaghati A, Chan J, Lamothe G, Dent R, Doucet Γ‰, Rabasa-Lhoret R, Prud'homme D, Harper ME, Tesson F (2018) ACSL5 genotype influence on fatty acid metabolism: a cellular, tissue, and whole-body study. Metabolism 83:271-9.2018PMID: 29605434
Warren 2017 MetabolismWarren JL, Bulur S, Ovalle F, Windham ST, Gower BA, Fisher G (2017) Effects of acute hyperinsulinemia on skeletal muscle mitochondrial function, reactive oxygen species production, and metabolism in premenopausal women. Metabolism 77:1-12.2017PMID: 29132536
Volek 2016 MetabolismVolek JS, Freidenreich DJ, Saenz C, Kunces LJ, Creighton BC, Bartley JM, Davitt PM, Munoz CX, Anderson JM, Maresh CM, Lee EC, Schuenke MD, Aerni G, Kraemer WJ, Phinney SD (2016) Metabolic characteristics of keto-adapted ultra-endurance runners. Metabolism 65:100-10.2016Metabolism Open Access
Clara 2016 MetabolismClara R, Langhans W, Mansouri A (2016) Oleic acid stimulates glucagon-like peptide-1 release from enteroendocrine cells by modulating cell respiration and glycolysis. Metabolism 65:8-17.2016PMID: 26892511
Herbst 2015 MetabolismHerbst EA, Roussakis C, Matravadia S, Holloway GP (2015) Chronic treadmill running does not enhance mitochondrial oxidative capacity in the cortex or striatum. Metabolism 64:1419-25.2015PMID: 26307661
Egnatchik 2014 MetabolismEgnatchik RA, Leamy AK, Noguchi Y, Shiota M, Young JD (2014) Palmitate-induced activation of mitochondrial metabolism promotes oxidative stress and apoptosis in H4IIEC3 rat hepatocytes. Metabolism 63:283-95.2014PMID:24286856 Open Access
Holmstroem 2013 MetabolismHolmstrΓΆm MH, Tom RZ, BjΓΆrnholm M, Garcia-Roves PM, Zierath JR (2013) Effect of leptin treatment on mitochondrial function in obese leptin-deficient ob/ob mice. Metabolism 62:1258-67.2013PMID: 23664724
Brands 2011 MetabolismBrands M, Hoeks J, Sauerwein HP, Ackermans MT, Ouwens M, Lammers NM, van der Plas MN, Schrauwen P, Groen AK, Serlie MJ (2011) Short-term increase of plasma free fatty acids does not interfere with intrinsic mitochondrial function in healthy young men. Metabolism 60:1398-405.2011PMID: 21489571
Van den Berg 2010 Metabolismvan den Berg SA, Nabben M, Bijland S, Voshol PJ, van Klinken JB, Havekes LM, Romijn JA, Hoeks J, Hesselink MK, Schrauwen P, van Dijk KW (2010) High levels of whole-body energy expenditure are associated with a lower coupling of skeletal muscle mitochondria in C57Bl/6 mice. Metabolism 59:1612-8.2010PMID: 20494374
Raboel 2009 MetabolismRabΓΈl R, Svendsen PF, Skovbro M, Boushel RC, Haugaard SB, Schjerling P, Schrauwen P, Hesselink MK, Nilas L, Madsbad S, Dela F (2009) Reduced skeletal muscle mitochondrial respiration and improved glucose metabolism in nondiabetic obese women during a very low calorie dietary intervention leading to rapid weight loss. Metabolism 58:1145-52.2009PMID: 19454354
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