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Kabiri 2021 Methods Mol BiolPMID:33421004Kabiri Y, von Toerne C, Fontes A, Knolle PA, Zischka H (2021) Isolation and Purification of Mitochondria from Cell Culture for Proteomic Analyses. Methods Mol Biol 2261:411-419.2021
Kabiri 2021b Methods Mol BiolPMID:34080157Kabiri Y, Eberhagen C, Schmitt S, Knolle PA, Zischka H (2021) Isolation and Electron Microscopic Analysis of Liver Cancer Cell Mitochondria. Methods Mol Biol 2277:277-287.2021
Sausen 2019 Methods Mol BiolPMID:31127581Sausen CW, Rogers CM, Bochman ML (2019) Thin-Layer Chromatography and Real-Time Coupled Assays to Measure ATP Hydrolysis. Methods Mol Biol 1999:245-253.2019
Hall 2019 Methods Mol BiolPMID: 30838625Hall A, Moghimi SM (2019) Determination of polycation-mediated perturbation of mitochondrial respiration in intact cells by high-resolution respirometry (Oxygraph-2k, OROBOROS). Methods Mol Biol 1943:313-22.2019
Long 2019 Methods Mol BiolPMID: 31041752Long Q, Huang L, Huang K, Yang Q (2019) Assessing mitochondrial bioenergetics in isolated mitochondria from mouse heart tissues using Oroboros Oxygraph-2k. Methods Mol Biol 1966:237-46.2019
Menegollo 2019 Methods Mol BiolPMID:30674030Menegollo M, Tessari I, Bubacco L, Szabadkai G (2019) Determination of ATP, ADP, and AMP Levels by Reversed-Phase High-Performance Liquid Chromatography in Cultured Cells. Methods Mol Biol 1925:223-32.2019
Clarke 2018 Methods Mol BiolPMID: 29851009Clarke KJ, Porter RK (2018) The importance of calcium ions for determining mitochondrial glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase activity when measuring uncoupling protein 1 (UCP1) function in mitochondria isolated from brown adipose tissue. Methods Mol Biol 1782:325-36.2018
Silva 2018 Methods Mol BiolPMID: 29850992Silva AM, Oliveira PJ (2018) Evaluation of respiration with clark-type electrode in isolated mitochondria and permeabilized animal cells. Methods Mol Biol 1782:7-29.2018
Doerrier 2018 Methods Mol BiolPMID: 29850993 »O2k-brief
Doerrier C, Garcia-Souza LF, Krumschnabel G, Wohlfarter Y, Mészáros AT, Gnaiger E (2018) High-Resolution FluoRespirometry and OXPHOS protocols for human cells, permeabilized fibers from small biopsies of muscle, and isolated mitochondria. Methods Mol Biol 1782:31-70. doi: 10.1007/978-1-4939-7831-1_32018
Komlodi 2018 Methods Mol BiolPMID:29850998Komlodi T, Sobotka O, Krumschnabel G, Bezuidenhout N, Hiller E, Doerrier C, Gnaiger E (2018) Comparison of mitochondrial incubation media for measurement of respiration and hydrogen peroxide production. Methods Mol Biol 1782:137-55.2018
Grimm 2016 Methods Mol BiolPMID: 26235066Grimm A, Schmitt K, Eckert A (2016) Advanced mitochondrial respiration assay for evaluation of mitochondrial dysfunction in Alzheimer's disease. Methods Mol Biol 1303:171-83.2016
Weissig 2015 Methods Mol Biol IISpringer ProtocolsWeissig V, Edeas M, eds (2015) Mitochondrial medicine: Volume II, Manipulating mitochondrial function. Methods Mol Biol 1265:1-447.2015
Kluckova 2015 Methods Mol BiolPMID:25634276Kluckova K, Dong L, Bajzikova M, Rohlena J, Neuzil J (2015) Evaluation of respiration of mitochondria in cancer cells exposed to mitochondria-targeted agents. Methods Mol Biol 1265:181-94.2015
Schmitt 2015 Methods Mol BiolPMID:25820716Schmitt S, Eberhagen C, Weber S, Aichler M, Zischka H (2015) Isolation of mitochondria from cultured cells and liver tissue biopsies for molecular and biochemical analyses. Methods Mol Biol 1295:87-97.2015
Hecker 2015 Methods Mol BiolPMID:25634290Hecker M, Sommer N, Mayer K (2015) Assessment of short- and medium-chain fatty acids on mitochondrial function in severe Inflammation. Methods Mol Biol 1265:389-96.2015
Cagnone 2015 Methods Mol BiolPMID: 25646603Cagnone G, Vaghjiani V, Lee W, Sun C, Johnson J, Yeung KY, St John JC (2015) Analysis of the mitochondrial DNA and its replicative capacity in induced pluripotent stem cells. Methods Mol Biol 1357:231-67.2015
Krumschnabel 2015 Methods Mol BiolPMID: 25631019Krumschnabel G, Fontana-Ayoub M, Sumbalova Z, Heidler J, Gauper K, Fasching M, Gnaiger E (2015) Simultaneous high-resolution measurement of mitochondrial respiration and hydrogen peroxide production. Methods Mol Biol 1264:245-61.2015
Lee 2015 Methods Mol BiolPMID: 26621601Lee W, Kelly RD, Yeung KY, Cagnone G, McKenzie M, John JC (2015) Analysis of mitochondrial DNA in induced pluripotent and embryonic stem cells. Methods Mol Biol 1330:219-52.2015
Weissig 2015 Methods Mol Biol ISpringer ProtocolsWeissig V, Edeas M, eds (2015) Mitochondrial medicine: Volume I, Probing mitochondrial function. Methods Mol Biol 1264:1-480.2015
Pesta 2012 Methods Mol BiolPMID: 22057559
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Pesta D, Gnaiger E (2012) High-resolution respirometry. OXPHOS protocols for human cells and permeabilized fibers from small biopsies of human muscle. Methods Mol Biol 810:25-58.2012
Palmeira 2012 Methods Mol BiolPMID:22057562Palmeira CM, Rolo AP (2012) Mitochondrial membrane potential (ΔΨ) fluctuations associated with the metabolic states of mitochondria. Methods Mol Biol 810:89-101.2012
Tang 2012 Methods Mol BiolPMID:22215546Tang PH, Miles MV (2012) Measurement of oxidized and reduced coenzyme Q in biological fluids, cells, and tissues: an HPLC-EC method. Methods Mol Biol 837:149-68.2012
Affourtit 2012 Methods Mol BiolPMID:22057567Affourtit C, Quinlan CL, Brand MD (2012) Measurement of proton leak and electron leak in isolated mitochondria. Methods Mol Biol 810:165-82.2012
Figueira 2012 Methods Mol BiolPMID:22057563Figueira TR, Melo DR, Vercesi AE, Castilho RF (2012) Safranine as a fluorescent probe for the evaluation of mitochondrial membrane potential in isolated organelles and permeabilized cells. Methods Mol Biol 810:103-17.2012
Chinopoulos 2011 Methods Mol BiolPMID:21913109Chinopoulos C, Zhang SF, Thomas B, Ten V, Starkov AA (2011) Isolation and functional assessment of mitochondria from small amounts of mouse brain tissue. Methods Mol Biol 793:311-24.2011
Cannon 2008 Methods Mol BiolPMID: 18516556Cannon B, Nedergaard J (2008) Studies of thermogenesis and mitochondrial function in adipose tissues. Methods Mol Biol 456:109-21.2008