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Mitochondrial Oroboros by Odra Noel
The Oroboros MiPArt Gallery forms a triangle connecting science, the scientific enterprise Oroboros Instruments, and scientific art on the topic of mitochondrial physiology. MiPArt links science and art in general. We aim at a world-wide connection along the lines of our Oroboros-O2k for high-resolution respirometry. Mitochondrial bioenergetics is considered a difficult topic in biochemistry. Currently there is a need to clarify fundamental concepts for increasingly wide applications in biomedicine. In an interdisciplinary context technical jargon must be replaced by a conceptually oriented terminology. MiPArt adds another dimension for communicating scientific concepts - an exciting cooperation between science and art, a symbiosis between art and science.
The MiPArt Gallery emphasizes in particular the concepts of Gentle Science, Tempo giusto, and the MiP-Collection.


September 08 (2014), 18:18, Schöpfstr 18 - Mitchell's Dream - MiPArt at the 10th Mitochondrial Physiology Conference (MiP2014)

MiPArt 12

December 12 (2012), 18:18, Schöpfstr 18 - Light in the power plants of the cells

MiPArt 11

May 18 (2011), 18:18, Schöpfstr 18 - The Beauty of Mitochondria - MiPArt at the 7th Mitochondrial Physiology Conference (MiP2010).

MiPArt 10

July 09 (2010), 18:18, Schöpfstr 18 - Tempo Giusto - 30 years 'rebirth' of Willem Retze Talsma. The right pace in LIFE and MUSIC

MiPArt 9

May 18 (2010), 18:18, Schöpfstr 18 - Winfried Wunderlich & Sven Schmidt - Aha!

MiPArt 8

April 18 (2010), 18:18, Schöpfstr 18 - Vernissage "VERKOPFT" with Annemarie & Günther Fahrner

MiPArt 7

November 18 (2009), 18:18, Schoepfstr. 18 - Hannes Weinberger presents his art Maus Aus in the Gallery.

MiPArt 6

October 18 (2009), 18:18, Schoepfstr. 18 - Richard Agreiter discovers in the MiPArt the sound of his sculpture KRAFT and the sculptures are going to transfor into instruments.

MiPArt 5

MiPArt 5
May 18 (2009), 18:18, Schoepfstr. 18 - Richard Agreiter. Mysteries of the Serial Form: Singularity - Reproducibility - Validity: A Change of Meaning in Arts and Science. The origin of Serial Arts can be traced back to the end of the 19th century. Sculptures in bronze, however, intend not to appear together with their replica in series. Jointly with Richard Agreiter, we present (possibly for the first time in the history of arts) the concept of the Serial Sculpture in bronze. Each sculpture demands validity on its own. The Serial Sculpture, however, emphasizes not merely the rhythm of form, it contributes to the tempo giusto - the adequate tempo - of our approach. The serial assembly demands slowing down, decelerates, extends into depths, simultaneously relaxes and elicits excitement ...

MiPArt 4

MiPArt 4

October 18 (2008), 18:18, Schoepfstr. 18, scientific artist Odra Noel presents the series of silk pictures ‘Mitochondria – the Organism in our Cells’. Her husband Nick Lane gives an introductory talk and leads us in a dialogue with Odra Noel through her exhibition, at MiPArt 4. Dr. Nick Lane is author of 'Oxygen: The molecule that made the world' (2002) and 'Power, Sex, Suicide: Mitochondria and the Meaning of Life' (2005).

MiPArt 3

Oroboros (Harald Kirchebner) – the gateway to the MiPArt Gallery, Schöpfstrasse 18, Innsbruck, Austria (photo Alexander Halbwirth)

MiPArt 3

April 18 (2008), 18:18, Schoepfstr. 18, the open door to the MiPArt-Gallery extended the historical Oroboros to a vision into the future. The 3.4 m high OROBOROS sculpture by Harald Kirchebner forms the illuminated entrance to the Oroboros Instruments office and the new MiPArt gallery in the floor above. Further sculptures by Harald Kirchebner are displayed in the garden and on our terrasse. MiPArt 3 is opening the door to mitochondrial physiology.

MiPArt 2

December 18 (2007), 18:18, Schoepfstr. 18, MiPArt 2 took place with 'Ars histologica' by Winfried Platzgummer (Innsbruck), exhibiting his impressions on human skeletal muscle. His illuminated pictures display exactly the size of muscle biopsies that are used for diagnosis of mitochondrial respiratory function.

MiPArt 1

October 18 (2007), 18:18, Schoepfstr. 18, we started MiPArt at Oroboros Instruments with an initial event to celebrate 'Lucky forever', a sculpture by Harald Kirchebner (Weer, Tyrol) consisting of 1000 horse shoes and forming a sphere. 'Lucky forever' has multiple meanings, including the common theme of recurrence and self-reference in the sphere and the cycle formed by the Oroboros devouring its tail. The mitochondrial physiologist may be remined by the sphere (1.42 m diameter) of a permeabilized cell. We use permeabilized cell preparations to study mitochondrial respiratory function as an exciting alternative to isolated mitochondria. MiPArt 1 - the start for the 'MiPArt-Gallery'.

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