MiPNet21.02 IOC111 Seattle WA US

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MiPNet21.02 IOC111 Seattle WA US

Publications in the MiPMap

Seattle WA US, 2016 Jun 13-14. Oroboros O2k-Workshop on high-resolution respirometry (HRR) and O2k-Fluorometry, IOC111. O2k-Network Lab »US WA Seattle Marcinek DJ

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Oroboros (2016-06-13) Mitochondr Physiol Network



Oroboros O2k-Workshop on high-resolution respirometry (HRR) and O2k-Fluorometry in cooperation with the O2k-Network Lab US WA Seattle Marcinek DJ.

O2k-Network Lab: US WA Seattle Marcinek DJ, AT Innsbruck Oroboros


HRR: Oxygraph-2k 

ORO, IOC, 2016, O2k-Network 

This O2k-Workshop takes place prior to UMDF2016 Seattle WA US. Separate registration for this workshop is required.

Local organizers

David J. Marcinek, PhD - dmarc@u.washington.edu
Matthew D. Campbell, PhD - mdcampbe@uw.edu

Lecturers and tutors

Erich Gnaiger
Gnaiger Erich, CEO, Oroboros Instruments

Invited IOC public lecture (sponsored by Stealth BioTherapeutics)
Genevieve Sparagna (University of Colorado Denver, Anschutz Medical Campus; O2k-Network lab: US CO Aurora Sparagna GC): Mitochondrial supercomplexes and cardiolipin in human heart failure.
2016-06-14, 4 pm to 5 pm
850 Republican Orin Smith auditorium


  • I really enjoyed and learned a lot from the Seattle workshop! - Nicholas Thomas


Participant Institution
Campbell Matthew D US WA Seattle Marcinek DJ: Marcinek Lab University of Washington (US)
Consitt Leslie US OH Athens Consitt L: Ohio University (US)
Guedouari Hala CA New-Brunswick Hebert-Chatelain E: Moncton University (CA)
Hancock Chad R US UT Provo Hancock CR: Department of Nutrition, Dietetics, & Food Science, Brigham Young University (US)
Laouafa Sofien CA Quebec Soliz J: Department of Pediatrics, Laval University (CA)
Levin Taylor University of Wisconsin (US)
Marcinek David J US WA Seattle Marcinek DJ: University of Washington (US)
Marcouiller Francois CA Quebec Joseph V: Laval University (CA)
Santosh K Maurya Maurya Santosh K US FL Orlando Periasamy M: Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute (US)
McCoin Colin US KS Kansas City Thyfault JP: Department of Molecular and Integrative Physiology Medical Center, University of Kansas (US)
Jan M Schilling Schilling Jan M US CA San Diego Patel HH: University of California (US)
Schneider Lonnie US AL Birmingham Floyd CL: University of Alabama at Birmingham (US)
Tetri Laura US WI Madison Goss KN: University of Wisconsin (US)
Thomas Nicholas O US OR Corvallis Hagen TM: OSU Oregon State University (US)
Treidel Lisa US CA Berkeley Williams C: University of California (US)
Tueller Daniel US UT Provo Hancock CR: Eyring Science Center, Brigham Young University (US)


South Lake Union Campus
University of Washington
750 Republican St.
Seattle, WA 98109, USA


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