MiPNet22.11 O2k-FluoRespirometer manual

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MiPNet22.11 O2k-FluoRespirometer manual

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O2k-FluoRespirometer manual.

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Oroboros (2019-05-15) Mitochondr Physiol Network

Abstract: Gnaiger E, Sigl R, Mészáros A, Capek O, Gradl L, Gradl P (2019) O2k-FluoRespirometer manual. Mitochondr Physiol Network 22.11(07):1-17.

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» Current software version: DatLab 7.4
» Product: DatLab 7, O2k-FluoRespirometer, O2k-Catalogue

O2k-Network Lab: AT_Innsbruck_Oroboros

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