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MiPNet25.04 IOC146 Padova IT

Publications in the MiPMap

Padova IT, 2020 Nov 26.O2k-Workshop on High-Resolution Respirometry IOC146.


Oroboros (2020-11-26) Mitochondr Physiol Network



Committment to reproducibility in targeting mitochondrial respiratory control: basic and advanced applications of the O2k-FluoRespirometer in cooperation with Bernardi Paolo and Carraro Ugo. Padova, Italy, 2020 Nov 26. MiPNet 25.04(01):1-4.

O2k-Network Lab: AT_Innsbruck_Oroboros



  • 2020-02-23
Dear Chairs, Speakers and Attendees of the 2020 Padua Muscle Days March 18-21, 2020 - Euganei Hills and Padua, Italy
I am very sorry to circulate this short message, but the situation in North-Italy of the spread of the Coronavirus infection is worsening to the level that our Authorities are restricting circulation of persons in some areas (including a small village in the Eugaei Hills, Padua).
All public events are also forbidden, including the last two days of the Venice Carnival ...
Slow progression in controlling the infection in China strongly suggests that the restrictions (quaratine) will last many weeks if not months.
Thus it seems a rational decision to post-pone the 2020 Padua Muscle Days to next late Autumn or early Winter 2020.
I hope that all the activities described in the yesterday-updated Program will be saved or improved in next Autumn.
All the best, Ugo

MitoPedia More research is needed on the impact of viral infection on mitochondrial function. » Viruses and mitochondrial medicine

General information

This O2k-Workshop takes place during the 2020 PaduaMuscleDays Padova, IT.
It will provide an introduction to high-resolution respirometry for measurement of cellular and mitochondrial phenotyping, including oxygen consumption, ROS production, mitochondrial membrane potential, and ATP production.
Use this unique opportunity to learn about the latest O2k innovations, including the new software features of DatLab 7.4.


Department of Biomedical Sciences, Padova University, Italy
Car entrance: Via Ugo Bassi, 58/B 35131 Padova
Walking entrance: Viale Giuseppe Colombo, 3 35121 Padova

Local organizer

Prof. Ugo Carraro, University of Padua


Topic of the O2k-Workshop: Committment to reproducibility in targeting mitochondrial respiratory control: basic and advanced applications of the O2k-FluoRespirometer

Lecturers and tutors


Contact Prof. Ugo Carraro, University of Padua, ugo.carraro@unipd.it


2020 PaduaMuscleDays

» 2020 PaduaMuscleDays Padova IT

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