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MiPNet28.03 IOC157 Los Angeles US

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Los Angeles, CA US, 2023 Feb 14-16. Oroboros O2k-Workshop on high-resolution respirometry (HRR), IOC157.

Oroboros (2023-02-14) Mitochondr Physiol Network



Oroboros O2k-Workshop on high-resolution respirometry (HRR) in cooperation with Shirihai Orian. Los Angeles, US, 2023 February 14-16.

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General information

The IOC157 team
IOC157 Lunch
Oroboros Instruments (Innsbruck, Austria) - 157th O2k-Workshop, UCLA
Cutting-edge innovations of high-resolution respirometry (HRR) are presented by Erich Gnaiger, introducing the Oroboros NextGen-O2k [1] in parallel to hands-on training by Sabine Schmitt.
HRR targets reproducibility and flexibility of substrate-uncoupler-inhibitor titration protocols [2] for investigating mitochondrial pathway and coupling control [3]. Assays for mt-membrane potential, ROS production, ATP production, and calcium uptake are integrated in each chamber simultaneously with HRR. Modules for monitoring Q- and NADH-redox states and PhotoBiology with the NextGen-O2k open new windows for bioenergetic investigations.
  1. NextGen-O2k all-in-one
  2. SUIT protocols - The SUITbrowser helps you find the best SUIT protocol for your specific research questions.
  3. Gnaiger E (2020) Mitochondrial pathways and respiratory control. An introduction to OXPHOS analysis. 5th ed. Bioenerg Commun 2020.2. https://doi.org/10.26124/bec:2020-0002

Venue and organizers

UCLA Campus
650 Charles E Young Drive South Suite
Center for Health Sciences, Suite 34-115
Los Angeles, CA 90095, USA


10:00-10:50am Principles of high-resolution respirometry HRR
11:00-11:50am The NextGen-O2k for Q- and NADH- redox biology
1:00-1:50pm Application of fluorescence probes with HRR for mt-phenotyping
4:00-5:00pm SuperMito Seminar
Erich Gnaiger: mitObesity - body mass excess and decline of mitochondrial fitness: from muscle to brain
Obesity is defined as accumulation of excess fat tissue mass. Compromised mitochondrial fitness across metabolically active organs provides a mechanistic connection between obesity and comorbidities: diabetes, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases, and various types of cancer bound to redox imbalance, inflammation, oxidative stress, and insulin resistance.


IOC157 Sabine introduces Oxia
IOC157 Gas injection from Oxia
Participant Institution
Participant Souvenir Rhonda US CA Los Angeles_Shirihai O, UCLA, US
Participant Stiles Linsey US CA Los Angeles_Shirihai O, UCLA, US
Participant Tran Peter US CA Los Angeles_Shirihai O, UCLA, US
Participant Zhang Yuan US CA Los Angeles_Shirihai O, UCLA, US
Participant Zhou Zhenqi US CA Los Angeles_Shirihai O, UCLA, US

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