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MiPNet28.05 IOC158 Innsbruck AT

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MiPNet28.05 IOC158 Innsbruck AT

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Innsbruck AT, 2023 Feb 27 - Mar 01. O2k-Coaching Days - Basic, IOC158.

Oroboros (2023-02-27) Mitochondr Physiol Network



O2k-Coaching Days - Basic. Innsbruck, Austria; 2023 Feb 27 - Mar 01.

O2k-Network Lab: AT_Innsbruck_Oroboros, AT_Innsbruck_MitoFit


General information

O2k-Coaching Days - Basic is a training course which provides a fundamental introduction to high-resolution respirometry (HRR) with the Oroboros O2k. We will give you an overview of the O2k-FluoRespirometer, including real-time analysis with DatLab 8 and applications of the Titration-Injection microPump TIP2k. Hands-on sessions range from OroboPOS technical service (instrumental quality control system which is an essential component of HRR) to respirometry experiments with substrate-uncoupler-inhibitor (SUIT) protocols. Also the Oroboros SUITbrowser will be presented. The Oroboros SUITbrowser helps you to find the best SUIT protocol for your specific research questions. Many optimized SUIT protocols are available as DL-Protocols and will be shown at the O2k-Coaching Days.
The event will be held in accordance with current COVID regulations. A primary concern must be the safety of our participants and staff, which is why we reserve the right to cancel the event if there are any concerns/restrictions. Refunds will be issued exclusively for registration fees. Oroboros Instruments will not reimburse any travel or accommodation expenses.


» Oroboros O2k-Laboratory
Schoepfstrasse 18, 6020 Innsbruck
» Information on travel and venue: IOC Innsbruck.


  • Preliminary program available here: Bioblast pdf


Download registration form, fill in and sign the PDF and return it to us: Registration form
The Oroboros O2k-Coaching Days are limited to 12 participants. Registration on first-come-first serve basis.

Tutors and lecturers


Participant Institution
Participant Hopfauf Denise AT_Innsbruck_Weiss G - Medical University of Innsbruck , AT
Participant Korzh Stanislava LV_Riga_Liepins E - Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis, LV
Participant Pertler Elke AT_Innsbruck_Zoller H - Medical University of Innsbruck , AT
Participant Prime Tracy UK_Cambridge_Whitworth A - University of Cambridge, UK
Participant Videja Melita LV_Riga_Liepins E - Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis, LV

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